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Co-Founder / Managing Director at Operation Unicorn,BEI 

Wissam Matar worked as a Creative Director with a professional experience that spans the MENA region from Casablanca-Morocco and Dubai-UAE to Riyadh-KSA and Beirut-Lebanon.

Coming from a graphic design background, he has worked in renowned advertising agencies like Young & Rubicam Beirut, LeoBurnett Dubai, Casablanca and  Beirut and most recently Fp7 Beirut and Erbil. His profuse and diverse portfolio covers, among others, work in the fields of telecommunications and banking which have both earned him several awards and nominations regionally and internationally. 

With 20 years of experience, Wissam developed and acquired the strategy and marketing disciplines of the field, and with his experience in the creative department, he is able to lead the creative driven agency Operation Unicorn which he co-founded in 2017.