Dana Griffin
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Dana Griffin

Founder and CEO of INNRwisdom, USA 

Dana Griffin is the founder and CEO of INNRwisdom, an early stage age tech company on mission to rebuild the primordial village, for the 21st century, with the help of AI. 

In addition to building INNRwisdom, Dana serves as the NY Director of AI Commons and an official UN delegate to Global Pulse and has been advising, consulting, and speaking internationally about principled uses of AI for innovation, policy, and social impact. Named by AdAge one “40 under 40 changing the advertising industry", she has a C-suite background in global expansion, strategy and data, partnering with Fortune 500s and non-profit organizations.

Growing up in Transylvania, Romania during communism, and later immigrating to the U.S. on a scholarship, Dana speaks six languages and is influenced by the dichotomy between developed and developing countries, and their cultural values. A Vedic meditator and outspoken fan of interesting people and good food, she spends her time exploring ways to empower women, cooking for her friends and learning about human consciousness.