Tedi Migdalovici
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Tedi Migdalovici

International Public speaker, Creativity lobbyist, ROU 

A pioneer, Tedi Migdalovici is the one behind innovative initiatives: Brand therapy diagnosis & the clinical approach of brands; The Alternative School for Creative Thinking – one of the most successful Creative MBAs in Eastern Europe with Gold Lions in the portfolio; MEALCHEMY.COM - the personal branding platform working with artists, creative leaders and Forbes 100 entrepreneurs;  LOVEANDLOBBY.com, focusing on private diplomacy and  promoting countries through their best people –  innovators, designers &  future shapers for the better.

With a passion for forward thinking ideas, she is also an international public speaker and trainer focused on creative efficiency, strategy, design feeling and business evolution trends. For almost two decades, she has spoken on emotional intelligence, has trained creative people on their way to win Cannes Lions trophies and has shared her view of the industry’s future on global stages, from London to KL, from Paris to Singapore, from Vienna to Lisbon, working with British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Google, Geometry Global, DDB Malaysia, Nestle, Mauritius Commercial Bank, McCann Adriatics, P&G Europe, UM or Vodafone.

Private Diplomacy Award, Brand Leadership Award, Global Super Achiever Award, European Excellence Award, Stevie Award, Lions Most Passionate Ambassador – silver, Dragan Sakan Award for the impact on Eastern European Creativity, are distinctions associated with her books, research or educational projects.