Reem Alamdeddin
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Reem Alamdeddin

 Head of Operations - CASHU

Geared with a solid 19 years of experience in Operations, Back-Office, Customer Support, Community Management, Editorial and Content Management; Reem started her career path back in 2000, providing Customer Support at


She was there when CASHU was founded in 2002, and managed Back-Office, Customer Support, and Content in CASHU until 2010, after which she continued her experience in the e-Commerce field at OneCard and


In 2016, Reem has rejoined CASHU team as a Head of Operations, bringing 16 years of experience back into the company that she witnessed the birth of, and contributed in its growth for 8 years. She is now leading the Back-Office, Customer Support, Business Development, Content and Product Operations Departments at CASHU.