Engy El Sabban
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Engy El Sabban

Engy’s title is the CEO and board member of victorylink

Engy El-Saban is the CEO of VictoryLink with over 16 years of experience in all VAS services from IVR, SMS, USSD and website development to mobile applications and more. Engy graduated from faculty of computer science, Ain Shams University and she has a deep technical background as she started her career in Orascom telecom then moved to other telecom companies and ended up to be one of the partners who took VictoryLink to a new era.


From the day Engy joined VictoryLink, a noticeable difference was made and after years of hard work; Engy broke a record, maximized the number of employees and made VictoryLink steps closer towards its vision. She made her way up from the technical manager at VictoryLink to its CEO in 10 years. Through this road, she was country manager, VAS director then became the commercial director.


With her expertise in the telecom industry, she used to manage the development life cycle of all VAS services and projects besides being the technical manager. VictoryLink started as a company specialized in development only, however Engy took the lead and expanded the line of services to include mobile advertising, digital marketing, VAS services and it is still growing. Now, VictoryLink has an office in Alexandria and other regions to cover and serve more clients all over Egypt. In addition to that, Engy managed to extend VictoryLink’s business and services to reach 10 countries in the MENA region and as a result of such success, VictoryLink has just announced the launch of several offices in Dubai, Libya and Kenya.