Hashem Alborno
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Hashem Alborno

Co-founder and esports manager at Gamers Lounge

Hashem Alborno spent the last 20 years immersed in the culture, playing online games and the past 8 years perfecting his cooking techniques and all what he wanted is growing up playing video games for a living.

An avid esports enthusiast, the community guy, and the talent finder fueled with passion towards the sport, he pioneered the very first official esports organization in Egypt (Gamers Lounge) & one of the leading e-sports entities in MENA with the aim of growing the field in the region.

For an industry that is new to the MENA culture, Hashem and Gamers Lounge crew took the responsibility of raising awareness to the industry in the whole region. Working on growing the esports ecosystem in the region and helping everyone involved for a better esports future.