Coucla Refaat
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Coucla Refaat

Photographer & Content Creator

Coucla Refaat is a commercial, travel & documentary photographer. Her journey started with photography in 2005, and eventually traveled to over 30 countries as a part of her documentary quest to capture images of cultures and religions all over the world.
Specializing in advertising and creating original photography and video content on digital platforms for all brands and entities, her recent travel projects with brands like Flo water in Peru & Azza Fahmy's campaign in Nubia.  Coucla managed to have exhibitions in several countries, published her own book, taught, and led, photography expeditions in Asia.

In 2010, Coucla was titled the “Ambassador of Arts in Egypt” for her artistic and documentary photography project “Pulau Dewata” exhibited at the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo revolving around the Cremation rituals in Bali. Her first book, “Dance of Life” was released in 2012, where she shared her story and photography as a young woman traveler in Thailand commissioned by the Royal Kingdom of Thailand to be exhibited in Egypt and in the Middle East.