Sondos Effat
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Sondos Effat

Head of Account Management - FP7/CA

Joined AUC to become an Engineer and ended up in Mass Communication, Sondos realized her passion for advertising early on. Before pursuing her masters in London she briefly joined advertising for 2 years back in 2006.

Throughout her 13 years in advertising, Sondos worked on almost every type of business in the industry; from FMCG, Telecom, to Banking and Charity.

Today, Head of Account Management at FP7/CAI, Sondos is leading the account management department, contributing to the majority of the award winning work at the agency. She along with her colleagues have gotten FP7/CAI on stage in the world’s most prestigious global awards such as D&AD, LIA, The Andys, The One Show, and AdFest to name a few.