Navjeet Chhina
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Navjeet Chhina

CEO and Founder of Ethos Media

Navjeet Chhina is the CEO and Founder of Ethos Media, a digital media and augmented, virtual and mixed reality firm based in Los Angeles. He is responsible for monitoring all facets of the organization including Operations Oversight, Strategic Planning, International expansion and building the senior executive team. He has 12 years of executive and project management experience across various industries; using his predictive approach to bring innovation into the customer consciousness. He uses comprehensive analysis of competitive trends to drive growth with quantifiable metrics to illustrate the benefits of taking on new avenues for brands. From digital marketing to research & analytics to leveraging strategic relationships, Navjeet perpetually pursues avenues for coupling products with consumers, propagating loyal customers and cultivating long-term brand relationships.

Navjeet is currently focusing on expanding operations internationally, showcasing how augmented reality and forward thinking innovative technologies can provide solutions for organizations of all sizes. He is especially excited about the opportunities it can present for developers and creatives in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.