Basel El Deeb
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Basel El Deeb

Managing Partner
Tarek Nour Communitications

Basel is Managing Partner at Tarek Nour Group; the first privately owned total communication group in the Middle East.
After graduating with an MBA in international business,Basel started his career in Egypt’s biggest communication conglomerate in the year 2000. His name is synonymous with some of the region’s biggest communication projects, such as the re-launch of the new Egyptian tax law, and the localization of global brands such as Vodafone, Hyundai, and many more brands. Basel has also led the re-launch of the largest bank in Egypt “the National Bank of Egypt”.
Basel was behind many successful campaigns for many brands like Pepsi, Etisalat, Magdy Yaccoub foundation, El Garhy Steel,Hyundai and many more.
Above all, Basel enjoys reshuffling communication norms and trends, which TN group has consistently done for years. Under his management, TN Group has achieved a number of local,regional and international awards; most importantly Cannes LIONS Health in 2014.
Basel believes that “great campaigns are ones that create great buzz in the market, and simultaneously achieve outstanding results for both clients and agency. Creative thinking is the fastest way for any business to achieve the objectives it aspires to, and creative thinking is the main tool to touch and influence people’s attitudes and behaviors towards any given idea,brand or product.”