The Story of Cairo: Brands That Speak the Language of the City

Track (s): Storytelling, Marketing, Fashion Design – Duration: 30 mins

Embark on a creative journey as creative entrepreneurs and artists reveal the art of
weaving Cairo’s vibrant spirit into their unique fashion narratives.
Each with their distinct styles, they draw from the same rich tapestry – Cairo’s lively
streets and diverse culture. In this session, they will share how they transform their
personal experiences and perceptions of Cairo into fashion that tells a story, showcasing
the city’s influence on their creativity and design.
Through a deep dive into their creative processes and inspirations, they’ll offer a
captivating exploration of the power of culture in fashion design. This fireside chat
promises a fresh perspective on the art of fashion storytelling and the role a city can play
in shaping a brand’s identity and offerings.

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Co-founder & Creative Director
Founder & Creative Director


Fashion Buyer
Sixty9 Group - Masion 69
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