Manipulating Digital Screens & Driving Engagement: Tech in OOH Advertising

Track: Marketing & Innovation

OOH advertising has been traditionally known to be the most effective in driving ad recall. But how will the ability to manipulate each pixel on a screen and engage with the audience change things? And how much will it cost your business?

Al Arabia United is venturing deep into the world of digital OOH (DOOH) advertising

In their collaboration with the Creative Industry Summit this year, UMS utilized DOOH in a campaign calling people to attend the Annual Festival via different tactics. 
This Case Study is dedicated to exhibiting DOOH’s impact by delving into the above-mentioned campaign’s details and results.

It’ll be presented Tamer Tammam and Ahmed El Shenawy of Al Arabia United.

If you’re looking to answer those questions and grasp the potential of DOOH, we couldn’t recommend this panel more!

Event Details
Event Details