An Investor’s Perspective: Realizing the Potential of Egypt’s Creative Economy 

Track(s): Finance, Economy, Creative Economy, Design – Duration: 20 minutes

In this fireside chat, angel investor and entrepreneur Mohammed ElKhamissy shares his
unique insights into Egypt’s creative economy. ElKhamissy will discuss the reasons
behind his deep-seated belief in Egypt’s creative economy, his strategies for identifying
and nurturing local talent, and his thoughts on how Egyptian creatives can effectively
present — and even brand — themselves globally. This session offers beneficial
guidance for both investors interested in the creative economy and creatives seeking to
make their mark. Expect a meaningful dialogue at the nexus of investment, creativity,
and branding.

Event Details
Group Chief Financial Officer & Advisor to the Board
Redco Construction Al Mana W.L.L


Founder of Narrative PR Summit, and MD of CC Plus and Flair Magazine
CC Plus
Event Details
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