Delivering Happiness

Menna is an Associate Director at DMG (Mountain View), she joined DMG in 2015, initiated and led the happiness project at the company in cooperation with Delivering Happiness.Through the happiness project, Menna succeeded in embedding core happiness concepts into DMG’s culture that resulted in an increase in the level of pride and engagement of employees to the company culture. She also headed the culture team and trained over 1000 employees on the concepts of happiness. The success achieved in this project qualified DMG to be an Employer of Choice in 2019 by TOP EMPLOYER INSITUTE.Menna is also a lead coach|sultant in Delivering Happiness Egypt (DHE), through which Menna fulfills her life purpose of inspiring people to move forward with the life inorder to create an ideal world for all of us, in addition help other companies in Egypt and the Middle East adopt happiness as a business model.

Menna has more than 16 years of experience in the human development field. She has also worked for several companies in diverse industries such as real estate, finance institutions & governmental authorities, heading different HR functions.

Menna has been focusing on how to change employees’ behavior and develop a positive mindset in both the personal and business context. She aspires to help people on their journey of uncovering their true essence. She is an associate CIPD, Certified Coach from ICF, Barret CTT Certified Coach, by using these tools, she helps organizations, and humans evolve and transform.

Menna holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in psychology from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She is also certified in happiness studies from the Happiness Studies Academy (HAS) delivered by Dr. Tal Ben Sahar.

Menna Saeed
Culture Development Associate Director

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