Sports & E-gaming:

In the past decade, E-gaming has become a topic that has helped turn fans into fanatics, at-home gamers into full-time, highly-sought professionals, and has cemented a community that was widely overlooked just a few years ago. With e-gaming revenues in the US now making more than music and film together, what was once an infant industry has now secured itself on a worldwide scale. Additionally, excellence in sports by athletes is admired by individuals all over the world, and new dynamic changes in fields such as inclusion and diversity are discussed the world over.
Join us as we bring together both the traditional and modern branches of excellence in athleticism in our Sports & E-Gaming track on the 1st of December 2021 , bringing together individuals who have excelled in each field to discuss how they have taken their perseverance and excellence to the top and all over the world.



Advertising, Media, Marketing & Digital:

The advertising, media, marketing and digital communication platforms are taking over the world — there’s no doubt about it. These industries have grown and been reshaped in countless methods; and continue to be redefined by some of the biggest innovators in the market. From agencies, corporates, brands, marketers, to some of the biggest digital platforms in the world; our advertising, media, marketing and digital track promises to provide honest journeys and thought-provoking questions. Come join us as we tread into this ever-changing industry, with the biggest names in the business!
Join our Advertising, Media, Marketing and Digital track on the 29th of November and the 1st of December, 2021.

Event Management:

For the first time in Egypt, the Creative Industry Summit’s event management track brings together pioneers who have built the foundations of the industry and created events which had a profound impact on political and social aspects. This track will engage the industry’s ecosystem to topics such as the way forward for the industry in Egypt, new trends such as the integration of technology, learnings from the challenging time of Covid-19 and the debate between virtual events and face-to-face ones.

Events Management is a field that helps bring people together, build connections, creates excellent networking experiences, and joins together individuals with a threshold of interest in a specific field. Since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, events management has faced crucial challenges which have helped redefine the industry. Join us on the 1st of December to witness what happens behind the curtains of curating magnanimous events, and to be part of a discussion that will become the heartbeat of the events community.

Mental Wellness:

Noone can debate that the past two years have been extremely difficult on both a global and individual scale. While mental health has been a topic much discussed throughout the past decade, COVID-19 and the rise of social media have brought an entirely new palette of topics to the table. By delving into our experiences and connecting with the uncomfortable, mental wellness has grown to become a much needed discussion to have.

With endless topics to converse on, our mental health track on the 1st of December allows us to bridge the gap between individuals, shed light on the taboo, and slowly edge closer as a community. Join us at the Creative Industry Summit as we delve into one of the most hotly discussed topics of the decade.

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