Creativity in KSA Powered by Balaconah:

With the rise of the modern era, Saudi Arabia is quickly growing and adapting to take its place on the region’s map for creativity. By empowering women, starting a large number of new initiatives, and growing entrepreneurs, KSA is quickly carving a new place for itself in the world view. Join us in our KSA track as we partner with Balaconah, as we bring together some of the biggest names from the Saudi Arabia atmosphere to discuss the growth of the ecosystem — right here in Egypt!
Join our KSA track powered by Balaconah on the 28th of November, 2021.

Ecommerce & Tech:
There is no doubt about it—Technology is the way of the future. With new mechanizations affecting how we pay, conduct our day-to-day activities, and how we live, discussing the continuing growth and emergence of these phenomena is essential to becoming more intact with the modern world, and being inspired by the industry’s new wave of upcoming entrepreneurs and innovators. Our E-commerce and Tech track hopes to delve into some of the biggest questions, with some of the biggest names on the Egyptian, regional and global scales. Join us on the 30th of November, 2021 as we decipher and discuss together this new and endlessly growing field.

Entrepreneurship :

Entrepreneurs represent innovation, disruption, and cultivate change. They have an energy that is infections, and a zest for life and change that creates greatness. Additionally, startups have become a huge section of the economy, and are continuously growing. In our Entrepreneurship track on the 30th of November, Creative Industry brigs together some of the most innovative, strongest and most dynamic startups in the game. Come hear them speak, be inspired, and figure out if you have what it takes.

Content Creation Powered by Content Con:

With the imminent and continuous growth of social media comes the parallel emergence and rise of content creation. What started as a field of individuals making small-scale content online has grown to become one of the greatest phenomena of the 21st century, redefining industries and recreating communities in a world that previously produced standardized, one-dimensional content for a mass audience. Content creation gave a platform for individuals who were previously marginalized and unseen to use their voice and shake the world. Our Content Creation track powered by Content Con on the 30th of November, 2021 will take you behind the scenes of content creation, and discuss its relevant growth and emergence in the modern world.

Women Empowerment Powered By She Strikes :

There’s no doubt about it: Women are the topic of the century, and the way of the future. Long overlooked in terms of their worth offered to greater society, women have finally grown and started to take their place at the table. From shining a light in major corporations to handing a torch to future generations, our Women Empowerment Track powered by She Strikes on the 28th of November sheds the spotlight on these incredible women and allows us to celebrate them. Join us as we learn, grow, and cultivate knowledge and diversity together.