Our upcoming C-S edition marks the 10th Creative Industry Summit edition in 5 years and we are dedicating it to celebrating The Humans of The Creative Industries. A platform that celebrates creativity in all its shapes and forms while bringing together the market shapers and movers, business innovation leaders and brands to our annual 2- day summit to discuss all the current and hot topics and share their insights on the latest creative trends. This year we are covering new grounds and introducing new tracks to our agenda is The 4 parallel tracks are as follows: • Advertising, Media and Branding • Technology and E-Commerce • Food Innovation • Personal Branding Advertising, Media and marketing (main or generic): Fighting conformity with creativity and setting new standards in the creative fields. Today’s easy-communicable world has opened up many opportunities for helpfulness and authenticity. This track not only explores ideas and how they are in action but also how the global and local market is evolving by the minute. It’s where, innovation, breakthroughs, and novelty work is showcased and celebrated. Where campaigns come to life through people, partnerships and processes. Learn and experience the details of establishing a winning business, idea or campaign. Hear the stories behind the award-winning campaigns, the people behind them, the wonderful execution.

Food innovation:
Bringing together the industry’s professionals and “foodies” to explore the innovative future of the food industry, along with how we’re driving changes in the way we grow, cook and consume food for a more sustainable and developed world. We’ll also be discussing global flavors, taste, nutrition, trends, lifestyles and taking health to the next level.

E-commerce and Technology:

Dig deep into the world of e-commerce, innovation and tech-enabled creativity that has transformed the meaning of easy-access. Speakers will share their ideas about the new world-shaping technologies and data. The topics vary from bold experiments and game-changing creative applications of data and technology to successes and failures in the field. It will also indulge in the E-commerce arena by chatting about animation, shopping, automation, retail, one-click purchasing, voice search, and machine learning.

Personal Branding:
Exploring how today’s influencers and personal brands use their elements and identities to generate awareness for themselves and shine amongst their competitors. Highlight the true power of success in communications from having a strong driven platform.

Discover what it takes to build, launch and maintain an executive self-brand in an integrated age of advancement.

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