Heba Helal El Sewedy
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Heba Helal El Sewedy

Founder and Chairwomen, Ahl Masr Foundation

Heba Helal El Sewedy is the Founder and Chairwomen of Ahl Masr Foundation. Her father Mr. HELAL ELSEWEDY is one of the main founders of El SEWEDY ELECTRIC, for Integrated Energy Solutions, in Egypt and Saudi Arabia since 1960’s. Upon graduation, she founded the Arabian French Textiles Co. In 2011, she performed a major role in both the Egyptian and Libyan

Revolutions for treating 4000 cases from Egypt and 40 from Libya along with looking after the martyrs’ families. In 2013, Heba founded Ahl Masr Foundation, a non-governmental organization for social development in Egypt registered under the no. 728/2013. Ahl Masr has managed through its dedicated and diversified team to quickly become a unique and effective organization that helps hundreds of Burn Victims all over Egypt. Heba is an investor and philanthropist with a strong influence on the Egyptian healthcare sector. Currently she is a major shareholder in ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC Group in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and the owner and CEO of LAYLA JEWELRY. In 1994, Heba earned a Bachelor Degree in English Literature from King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia.