Sara El Demerdash
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Sara El Demerdash

Project Manager of

Sara El-Demerdash, Project Manager, معلومة With a stellar career in social development, Sara’s 8-year professional portfolio includes working on projects like Poverty Reduction, Girls Education, Child Law Amendments, Egypt’s first Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign, Family Crisis Counseling and Strengthening the Transitional Elections Process in Egypt with several international entities, in collaboration with local governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Currently, Sara is the Project Manager of, Egypt’s first Arabic language website and SMS service addressing sexual and reproductive health issues for young people. In Egypt, where sexual and reproductive health issues are still considered a taboo, Ma3looma managed to create a unique educational space for young adults, where information is accurate, reliable and nonjudgmental – all in the span of a year and a half.

Sara worked on establishing a full-blown digital existence for the project, knowing that this was the preferred medium for communication and information gathering for Egypt’s youth, Ma3looma’s digital portfolio includes a 24/7 SMS counseling service with trained doctors, a full Arabic portal that provides daily sexual, reproductive health, nutrition and lifestyle articles, infographs, videos, and blogs sharing personal stories and life experiences regarding topics such as living with HIV, being subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, and lifestyle changes.