Mazen Yassen
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Mazen Yassen

Old Digital Content Creator and Founder of Just a GoProer

Mazen Yassen, a 33-year-old digital content creator and founder of Just a GoProer.

After 14 years of corporate experience in a diversity of industries, and reaching a high ranked position in one of the largest multinational companies; he came to realize that his passion for photography and content creation cannot be ignored. After he bought his first camera, Mazen did not hesitate to quit his job and venture on his new journey. He established his online platform, Just a Goproer on April 2016, and it's been quite an adventure ever since.

During that time, Mazen aimed to create a wide array of videos, while persistently putting an effort into always developing himself, and of course Just a GoProer.

He traveled to many countries like the Czech Republic, Indonesia, SriLanka, Jordan, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, and South Africa in search of adventure, inspiration, and new learnings.

His work attracted big names like Coca Cola, Pepsi, and JWT to name a few; and together they created content the “JAG way” which received high admiration from the public.

Over the years, Mazen remains true in his content, keeps sharing different activities and stories, and persists to motivate his viewers to take action and start moving towards the things they are interested in; while always looking at the bright side of things.