Sebastien Marty
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Sebastien Marty

Large Art Director, Largelabs

Sebastien's has always been fascinated by the power of storytelling. He spent most of his professional life crafting entertaining and meaningful stories to people - both with images and words. Driven by passion and entrepreneurship, he's always looking up for the next challenge, the next wall to break.

He studied visual communication & digital project management in the Institute of Internet & Multimedia in France, and after a short, yet enlightening experience in advertising (Extreme + Paris), he joined the video game industry (Cyanide, Mob in Life) as a graphic designer. He then decided to give shape to his deeper ambitions by co-founding Largelabs, a young French-Egyptian startup dedicated to creating games for the MENA region. When he's not busy running around in circles and covering sheets of paper with silly drawings, he works as a co-author on kid cartoons for French TV Channels.

2D animator, motion designer, illustrator but also human knight lvl.9 and prawn crackers fanatic, the young man keeps drawing his way across the road of life – driven by a limitless curiosity, a permanent thirst for sharpening his skills and aptitudes, and the unstoppable spasms caused by caffeine.