Karim Aboul-Enein
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Karim Aboul-Enein

Large Executive Officer, Largelabs

At the age of 7, Karim played his first game of Tetris on the original Game Boy. The simplicity and the genius of its design blew his mind to the extend that being part of the game industry became his single obsession. His took his first step in it in 2008, as a game designer at Laughing Jackal, a game studio and editor based in England. After he graduated in computer science and 3D programming in Paris, he worked as software engineer at Dassault Sytèmes, developing User Interface technologies for 3D modelling software such as CATIA and Solidworks. After one and a half million lines of C++ code, he moved to the lovely world of independent game studios and worked as a happy programmer on mobile video games based on real life interaction and geo-location, two years before Pokemon Go hit the top of the charts.


Both convinced and persuaded that every single human who owns a device that can run a game is a potential gamer, he decided to launch his own video game studio, Largelabs. He has the firm intention to enter the North African and Middle-Eastern market by providing fun and culturally relevant gaming experiences to all the players of the region. He shares this adventure, his vision and passion for gaming with his French business partner and art director Sebastien Marty. Their first original game is still in development and is shaped to both entertain and surprise the Egyptian audience with its unique universe. Programmer, designer, team leader, Karim is above all a true gamer at heart. If you take a look at his left arm, you will see the line piece of Tetris, true symbol of the risk-reward duality that has been driving his life since he first played the game.