Shosha Kamal
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Shosha Kamal

Interior and Product Designer, Shosha Kamal Design House

After studying International Business and Strategic Management at the German University in Cairo, award winning designer, Shosha Kamal started her career as a marketer in Unilever, one of the world top FMCGs companies.. Years later she couldn’t fight her passion in design anymore, and decided to start off her career in design from the world’s design capital, Italy.. She studied design at Florence Design Academy, and came back to Cairo to start up her Psychology Based Design Company.. With her marketing experience, strategic and business exposure, and design expertise, Shosha Kamal became one of the biggest names in Design in Egypt..

Very early in her career, her work has been recognized globally. Her famous Wing Sofa design was named the best sofa worldwide for the year 2016 by the prestigious International Product Design Awards, London UK. She was named an A’ Design Award Winner three consecutive times for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016, Milano, Italy. She was nominated by the Society of British Interior Designers for the Best Designs of the World in 2013 at London, UK.