Aisha Al Shabrawy
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Aisha Al Shabrawy


Aisha is a professional photographer with an extensive portfolio in portrait, fashion and street photography as well as a passion for visual arts.

Having studied psychology at the American University in Cairo and worked for several years in corporate marketing communications, Aisha launched her career in photography, and over the past few years she has worked on celebrity portraits, street photography, fashion shoots and brand positioning.

Portfolio clients include acclaimed Egyptian filmmaker Amr Salama, actors Ahmed Alfishawy and Amina Khalil, and jewellery designer Nina Bakry. Her work was exhibited at Darb 1718’s ‘Maspero’ exhibition in 2013, and at Grid Photography Biennale in Cape Town, South Africa representing Egypt through Darb 1718 in Febraury 2015. She has been featured in print editions of Community Times, Cairo West, Lounge, What Women Want and Identity magazines as well as